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Paul speaks with Heidi Czerwiec and Anthony Ceballos, and Roy Guzmán about their work. Heidi Czerwiec is the author of the poetry collection Conjoining as well as the essay Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle. Her work has been published in many publications. She teaches in the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop. Anthony Ceballos received his BFA from Hamline University. His work has been featured in The Fulcrum and Yellow Medicine Review. Raised in Miami, Roy G. Guzmán is a Honduran poet whose first collection will be published by Graywolf Press. 

Jessie speaks with Cecilia Konchar Farr about her book The Ulysses Delusion: Rethinking Standards of Literary Merit. She is a Professor of English and Women’s Studies at the women's college St. Catherine University in St Paul. Her research interests all circle around novels—their history, their (women) readers, and their social, educational, aesthetic, and political work.

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