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We speak with members of the Normandale Creative Writing Club, which produces The Paper Lantern, a literary journal featuring the work of Normandale's students. They review, select and edit work collectively before designing the publication. They also host reading events, discuss their own writing and challenge themselves with writing exercises. You can check out The Paper Lantern at http://www.thepaperlantern.org/journal.

We also speak with David J. Linden about his new book Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind. In addition to being a professor of neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, he is the award-winning author of The Accidental Mind and the New York Times bestseller The Compass of Pleasure.

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We speak with Heather A. Slomski about her debut story collection The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons, winner of the 2014 Iowa Short Fiction Award. She has been awarded a Minnesota State Artist Initiative Grant and a Minnesota Emerging Writers' Grant.

We also talk with Cynthia Kraack about her new work of literary fiction The High Cost of Flowers. She is also the author of the Ashwood speculative fiction trilogy and Minnesota Cold, which won a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award.

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We speak with Bernard Cornwell about his newest entry in the Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Tales, The Empty Throne. He is also the author of the Richard Sharpe novels, the Warlord Chronicles, the Grail Quest novels, the Starbuck Chronicles and many other books.

We also talk with #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz, the master of suspense, about the final novel in his Odd Thomas series, Saint Odd. He is also the author of the Frankenstein series and dozens of standalone novels, including Watchers and From the Corner of His Eye, and his books have sold more than 400 million copies worldwide.

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We speak with civil rights advocate Jack Rice about his blog In the Cross Hairs. He is a criminal defense attorney and former CIA officer, a journalist and storyteller. He has appeared on CNN, Al Jazeera and MSNBC, and he used to have a show on WCCO radio.

We also rebroadcast an interview with Yann Martel, author of the Man-Booker Prize winning novel Life of Pi, about his novel Beatrice and Virgil, an allegory about the Holocaust.

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