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We speak with Belgian author Bob Van Laerhoven about his novel Beaudelaire's Revenge, which won the Hercule Poirot Prize for best crime novel. He is the author of more than 30 books, available in three languages.

We also chat with British author Christie Watson about her new novel Where Women Are Kings. She is also the author of the award-winning and bestselling Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away.

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We speak with Matthew Karanian about his book Historic Armenia: After 100 years. He is also the author of Armenia and Karabakh: The Stone Garden Travel Guide, and he has written several books on Armenia with Robert Kurkjian, including Out of Stone: Armenia & Artsakh.

We also chat with Brian Laidlaw about his first full-length collection of poems The Stuntman, which has a companion album of music. He also released a hybrid poetry/music project called Amoratorium in 2014.

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We speak with Loren D. Estleman about his new story collection Detroit is Our Beat: Tales of the Four Horsemen. He is the author of many books, including the Amos Walker series, the Peter Macklin series and the Page Murdock series. He is an authority on both criminal history and the American west, and he has been nominated for the National Book Award.

We also chat with Cheryl Blackford about her new picture book Hungry Coyote, published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. She also has a middle-grade novel, Lizzie and the Lost Baby, coming out in January, which we'll discuss.

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Tuesday, April 7th, on Write On! Radio, we speak with CJ Box about his newest Joe Pickett novel Endangered. He is the bestselling author of 14 other Joe Pickett novels, including Cold Wind and Breaking Point as well as four stand-alone novels and a short story collection. He has won the Edgar, Anthony, Macavity, Gumshoe and Barry Awards.

We also chat with Lisa See about her new novel China Dolls. She is the bestselling author of many other books, including Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy. She was presented with the Organization of Chinese Americans Women's 2001 award as National Woman of the Year.

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We speak with John Renehan about his debut work The Valley, a novel of the war in Afghanistan. He served in the Army's Third Infantry Division as a field artillery officer in Iraq and has also worked as an attorney.

We also chat with Jeane Moore about her new work Zandros in Love, a sexy romantic suspense novel set against a backdrop of big-stakes poker. She has written screenplays and won two major screenwriting fellowships, and she is an experienced earth sciences writer and editor.

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We speak with Twin Cities icon Cathy Wurzer about the book she co-wrote with the late Bruce H. Kramer, We Know How This Ends: Living While Dying. She is a multiple Emmy Award-winning journalist from MPR and TPT's Almanac as well as the author of Tales of the Road: Highway 61.

We also chat with Chris Cander about her new novel Whisper Hollow. She is a teacher, freelance writer and children's book author - and her novel 11 Stories was included in Kirkus's best indie general fiction of 2013.


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We speak with Benjamin Percy about his new novel The Dead Lands. He is also the author of the novels Red Moon and The Wilding, and the short story collections The Language of Elk and Refresh, Refresh, which won the Pushcart Prize.

We also chat with Satish P. Jayaraj about the Cracked Walnut reading series. He is the founder and director of the Cracked Walnut Literary Festival and writes in multiple genres with an emphasis on fantasy fiction. He received his MFA from Hamline University. His thesis project, Secret of the Naga Dragons, has metamorphosed into a complete novel and is available online with Amazon's Kindle.

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