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We speak with Taylor Brorby and Antonia Felix about the new book Fracture: essays, poems, and stories on fracking in America. Taylor Brorby is an award-winning essayist and poet, and edited the collection along with Stefanie Brook Trout. He also contributed an essay. Antonia Felix is the bestselling author of many books, including biographies of Sonia Sotomayor, Laura Bush, Harry Connick Jr. and Andrea Bocelli.

We also chat with Bill Nemmers about his debut novel Crude – a story about ambition, passion, rejection and revenge as well as oil in the fields of North Dakota. He is currently working on a novel about the Cold War and a book about Prince Henry (the Navigator) of Portugal.

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We speak with Mary Austin Speaker about her new poetry collection The Bridge. She is the author of four chapbooks of poetry as well as the collection Ceremony, and won the Slope Editions book prize in addition to many other awards. In addition to being a poet, she is a book designer for a number of publishers, including Milkweed Editions.

We also chat with Vijay Dixit about his new book One Split Second: The Distracted Driving Epidemic; How it Kills and How We Can Fix it, which was written with the help of bestselling author Antonia Felix and has a foreward by Senator Amy Klobuchar.

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We speak with Andromeda-Romano Lax about her new book Behave, which explores the untold story of Rosalie Rayner Watson, motherhood, science and love in the Roaring Twenties. She is also the author of the novels The Detour and The Spanish Bow.

We also chat with Mary Sharratt about her new novel The Dark Lady's Mask. She is the author of seven previous books, including Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen, Daughters of the Witching Hill and Summit Avenue.

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We speak with Brian Freeman about his new Jonathan Stride novel Goodbye to the Dead. He is the author of nine previous novels, including Spilled Blood, which won the Best Hardcover Novel Award by the International Thriller Writers organization, The Bone House and The Burying Place. In addition to his Jonathan Stride novels, he writes the Cab Bolton series.

We also chat with our R.T. Rybak about his new memoir Pothole Confidential: My Life as Mayor of Minneapolis. He has lived in Minneapolis his entire life and before becoming mayor, he was a journalist, publisher, Internet strategist and marketing consultant. He is the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, senior advisor to Living Cities, and has taught at the University of Minnesota.

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We speak with Gary Hart about his new book, The Republic of Conscience. He is a former U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate and the author of 21 books, including his Oxford doctoral dissertation on Jefferson's ideal of the republic.

We also chat with our own Lynette Reini-Grandell, author of the poetry collection Approaching the Gate, and Ian Graham Leask, author of the story collection The Wounded, about Lynette's poetry and Ian's newest work, House of Large Sizes, which will be published this year. And we have a few other surprises in store as well, including a 6:30pm start time this week.

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