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We speak with Stephen Yoch about his debut historical novel Becoming George Washington, a meticulously researched work that examines the life of the young adult who went on to become one of our greatest presidents.

We also speak with Jeffrey Skemp and Lynn Gray about the National Beat Poetry Festival. Jeffrey Skemp is a poet, photographer, performer and videographer whose most recent CD is called Spent. Lynn Gray, a studio art professor at the University of Minnesota, is the author of To Lecture Like a Pop Song and has a CD entitled Humans in Heat.

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We speak with Jack Gantos about his new autobiographical novel The Trouble in Me. He is the author of many books, including Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, which was a finalist for the National Book Award and Dead End in Norvelt, which won the Newbery Medal - and he's the creator of Rotten Ralph.

We also speak with Caroline Casey of Coffee House Press, one of the editors of Cat is Art Spelled Wrong, an essay collection that asks and answers the question Why can't we stop watching cat videos? and also examines how we decide what is good or bad art.

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We speak with Marge Barrett about her new memoir Called: The Making and Unmaking of a Nun. She is also the author of the poetry chapbook The Memoir Dress and has published poetry and prose in numerous journals. She has taught at the Loft Literary Center and the Jewish Community Center, among other places.

We also speak with Ames Sheldon about her new novel Eleanor's Wars, which recently won the Independent Book Publisher's Association's 2016 Gold Medal Award for Best New Voice in Fiction. She is also the author of the novel New Women and the reference book Women's History Sources: A Guide to Archives and Manuscript Collections in the United States.

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We speak with Mike Hazard about We Come from the Flower, his solo show at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. It tells the story of a year in the life of the Hmong American Farmers Association through a book, photographs and a video.

We also speak with James Rollins about his new novel War Hawk, which he wrote with Grant Blackwood. He is the bestselling author of the Sigma Force international thrillers, including most recently The Bone Labyrinth, that have been translated into 40 languages. He is also a veterinarian who gave up his practice to write full time.

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