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We are having another Pledge Drive Episode. We will be asking for your support in keeping community radio alive while we share our personal experiences being involved with KFAI, Write On! Radio!, and maybe even hear us share our own writing on the air.

Liz will be interviewing Jenni Walsh for her recent work Side By Side: A Novel of Bonnie & Clyde. Jenni L. Walsh has spent the past decade enticing readers as an award-winning advertising copywriter. Her passion lies in transporting readers to another world, be it in historical or contemporary settings. She is a proud graduate of Villanova University, and lives in the Philly 'burbs with her husband, daughter, son, and goldendoodle. She is the author of Becoming Bonnie.

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Anne talks with Emily France about her Young Adult novel Zen and Gone. Emily France is the critically acclaimed young adult author of Signs of You. She graduated from Brown University and also holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a JD. She lives in sunny Colorado with her husband and son. Her Zen practice is the taproot of her inspiration. Connect with her online at emilyfrancebooks.com.

Liz talks with Siobhan Adcock about her latest novel of speculative fiction The Completionist. In a near future in which plummeting birth rates have ominous political and personal implications for women, a young man's search for his missing sister leads him into a disturbing and desperate underworld, where bitter freedoms are bought at a terrible price. Entertainment Weekly ranked it as one of the "10 prescient new feminist dystopias to read after The Handmaid's Tale". Siobhan is also the author of The Barter, 30 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do Before Turning 30, and Hipster Haiku.

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We speak with Keziah Frost about her debut novel The Reluctant Fortune Teller, which is about friendship, small acts of kindness and recognizing one’s talents. She holds a master’s degree in English and counseling, and works as a psychotherapist who specializes in pet grief.

We also talk with Lisa Carrico, who is the Director of Family and Veteran Programs for the Missouri Humanities Council. She coordinates Veterans Writing Workshops in the state of Missouri and her organization partners with Southeast Missouri State University Press on Proud to Be: An Anthology of American Warriors, an annual writing contest and anthology which features the work of veterans and family members of veterans.

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On September 11th, Lynette Reini-Grandell talks with former long-time "Write On! Radio" host Jules Nyquist about her newest collection of poetry Homesick, Then. Jules Nyquist has an MFA from Bennington College in Vermont and formerly was a program associate for education at the Loft as well as a "Write On! Radio" co-host. She founded Jules' Poetry Playhouse in Albuquerque, MN, where she now lives. Her previous collections of poetry include Behind the Volcanoes and Appetites.

Steve speaks with Steven Johnson about his new book Farsighted: How We Make the Decisions that Matter the Most. He is the bestselling author of 11 books, including Wonderland, Where Good Ideas Come From, and The Invention of Air. He is also the host and co-creator of the PBS and BBC series How We Got to Now.

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On September 4th, Ian talks with Roma Calatayud-Stocks about her recent work A Symphony of Rivals. A Symphony of Rivals, the second book in a trilogy, is a compelling historical novel set in 1930s Germany, Austria, Italy, and the United States. Alejandra Stanford Morrison pursues her dream of becoming a symphonic conductor at an unfortunate time when culture and the arts are falling under the influence of Nazism, but through her devotion to music and Beethoven's legacy, she finds a measure of hope and strength. Award-winning novelist and composer Roma Calatayud-Stocks holds a Bachelor's degree in Music and Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. She later continued her studies in creative writing at the University of St. Thomas. She's currently working on the third book, An Ode to Joy.

We then hear from author Thomas Lamarre discussing his latest work in Japanese animation, The Anime Ecology: A Genealogy of Television, Animation, and Game Media. With his field-defining study The Anime Machine, critics established Lamarre as a leading voice in the field of Japanese animation. He now returns with more broadening insights to give a complete account of anime’s relationship to television while placing it within important historical and global frameworks.

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