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Josh talks with Kate Pickett and Richard G. Wilkinson about their most recent work The Inner Level: How More Equal Societies Reduce Stress, Restore Sanity and Improve Everyone's Well-Being. The Inner Level explains how inequality affects us individually -- how it alters how we think, feel, and behave. 

Then Conor interviews Steve Toutonghi about his second novel Side Life --  a dazzling, intriguing, and philosophical blend of literary science fiction. It explores explores ideas of consciousness and parallel universes.

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On Tuesday January 29th, Josh will be talking with Norman Mitchell about the release of his first novel The Hidden One, a political thriller surrounding The fate of those caught up in the “Iron Cage” after World War II. In addition to writing and his fascination with history, Mitchell also enjoys reading, biking, listening to music and following politics. He and his wife live in Golden Valley, MN. 

Then, we rebroadcast an interview Steve conducted with Minnesota author Leif Enger about his recent novel Virgil Wander. Virgil Wander is set in a small Minnesotan town bordering Lake Superior. With intelligent humor and captivating whimsy, Enger conjures a remarkable portrait of a region and its residents, who, for reasons of choice or circumstance, never made it out of their defunct industrial district. 

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